UK: The ex-PM’s family apologizes for their past as Guyana slaves

UK: The ex-PM’s family apologizes for their past as Guyana slaves

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The relatives of the former British prime minister  William Gladstone have apologized for their family’s past as enslavers in Guyana and encouraged the UK to examine restitutions in the Caribbean.

One of the largest enslavers in British-colonized Caribbean regions belonged to Gladstone’s father.

John Gladstone is likewise accepted to have claimed two ships that shipped great many Asians from India and somewhere else to function as obligated workers after the abrogation of subjugation in 1834.

“Subjection was an unspeakable atrocity and its harming influence keeps on being felt across this present reality,” Charles Gladstone, the lawmaker’s incredible extraordinary grandson, said at a send off for the College of Guyana’s Global Community for Relocation and Diaspora Studies.

“We acknowledge our ancestor’s involvement in this crime with deep shame and regret, and we sincerely apologize to the descendants of slaves in Guyana. We likewise encourage different relatives of the people who profited from subjection to start discussions about their progenitors’ wrongdoings and how they could have the option to fabricate a superior future.”

The Gladstones additionally apologized for their part in indentureship.

Be that as it may, the words were met with areas of strength for a by a few Guyanese relatives of African subjugated individuals present at the college auditorium. ” One of them yelled, “It is not accepted.”

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