Nigeria: I have no problem with Basketmouth —Bovi

Nigeria: I have no problem with Basketmouth —Bovi

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Nigerian actor and comic, Bovi Ugboma, otherwise called Bovi has responded to news getting out and about that his relationship with his companion, Basketmouth has turned sour, saying he didn’t know about such turn of events.

R discovered that Bovi had made the decision to distance himself from the crisis that was engulfing Basket’s marriage prior to it collapsing because rumors that he and Basket, as he is affectionately known, were not on speaking terms had been circulating on various social media platforms for some time.

When asked about his relationship with Basketmouth and why they no longer hang out together, Bovi, who is famous for his show Man On Fire, said that it wasn’t unusual because they both have responsibilities to take care of.

In addition, Bovi stated that he does not have a problem with Basketmouth because some people have presented the impression that their friendship has soured as a result of problems related to Basketmouth’s failed marriage.

I can assure you that the rumors that Basket and I have severed our friendship are untrue. Individuals don’t anticipate that we should constantly be together when we have liabilities holding tight our shoulders consistently. Stop spreading false information about people you don’t even know and learn how friendships work.

He also said that he doesn’t have a problem with his friend and that he wouldn’t wait for the media to talk about their problems, if they have any.

“We are both developed men and we know how to settle our issues assuming there are any in any case. I don’t think the online entertainment is the following spot to come an air our interests. We know how to resolve disagreements. I can perceive you for a reality that I have smooth relationship with him”, he added.

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