Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean opposition leader says election was ‘massive extortion’

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean opposition leader says election was ‘massive extortion’

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Nelson Chamisa, who lost to Emmerson Mnangagwa, requests help from local partners after poll observers say was not solid

Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has called for fortitude from regional partners against a vote he called a “colossal extortion” that returned Emmerson Mnangagwa to control in Zimbabwe.

“Africa, don’t leave us. Particularly our neighbors across the continent and in the region. We depend on your fortitude as we try to settle this political emergency,” Chamisa said at a question and answer session in Harare.

Mnangagwa was declared the winner of the general elections on August 23 with 52.6% of the vote, beating Chamisa by 44%, earning him a second term as president despite criticism from observers in the region who said the polls did not meet standards.

Six years after Robert Mugabe, the country’s longtime leader, was ousted in a military coup, the election took place at a time when the economy was suffering and runaway inflation was returning. Mnangagwa and Chamisa are competing for the presidency for the second time.

The Southern African Improvement People group (SADC) political decision spectator mission said in a report on Friday that the surveys missed the mark regarding “the prerequisite of the constitution of Zimbabwe”.

Even though the electoral environment was largely peaceful, SADC observers stated that the polls failed a credibility test. The EU eyewitness mission said the political decision occurred in an environment of “dread”.

Great many Zimbabweans looked out for casting a ballot day for over 12 hours in lines as the constituent commission neglected to convey voting form papers on time. Mnangagwa had to broaden casting a ballot by one more day.

Without uncovering his next strategy, Chamisa said his party had proof that it won the official vote.

He said that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) didn’t conduct the polls and said the wrong result was announced.

He stated, “We stand here in the aftermath of a heavily contested election.” The political decision process was indecently imperfect, and abused the laws of our country. As a result, the voting process was illegal and criminal. The appointive body ZEC neglected to play out its established command by not reporting the right outcome.”

The 45-year-old pastor and attorney claimed that voter suppression was widespread, particularly in the countryside. He added, “A new vote must be called because the election process has not passed the test of legality.”

Chamisa continued, “As far as we are concerned, a credible election must be honored, a legitimate government must be established, and a legitimate president must be installed for everyone.”

Those who are unhappy with the outcome have been encouraged to go to the courts by a buoyant Mnangagwa. The people who feel the race was not run as expected ought to know where to go,” he said while tending to the media at the state house in Harare, on Sunday morning.

The opposition CCC received 73 seats, while the 80-year-old’s Zanu-PF party also won the parliamentary elections with 136 seats.

Zanu-PF anyway neglected to get a 66% greater part to permit the party to establish sacred corrections, which eyewitnesses dreaded could be utilized to expand official service time restraints.

Mnangagwa has been censured for neglecting to pivot the economy following five years in power.

Joblessness and destitution levels stay high in the nation once viewed as the breadbasket of southern Africa. Notwithstanding cases of a guard gather, almost 3.8 million individuals will go hungry this year.

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