Nigeria: One way: Soldiers rant, fault arrest of errant colleague

Nigeria: One way: Soldiers rant, fault arrest of errant colleague

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

In two separate viral videos that our  monitored on Friday, the soldiers criticized Sanwo-Olu for describing the soldier as “useless” in the presence of those he referred to as “bastard civilians.”

  that Sanwo-Olu, on Friday, requested the capture of a trooper and three different motorcyclists for driving against traffic on the Lagos-Badagry Interstate.

In a viral video, Sanwo-Olu was seen requesting his men to put one of the motorcyclists who professed to be a fighter into the vehicle, expressing that he planned to secure him.

Responding to the capture, the primary fighter who accepted that his partner had never really had merited a capture, said the state lead representative reserved no privilege to capture a warrior, particularly before his encampment.

He asserted that fighters were not heavily influenced by any state lead representative but rather their senior officials.

He said, “Did I simply hear your lead representative calling a fighter, a Spear Corporal, pointless? A Spear Corporal… This man broke his arm, they terminated at the man. There is iron in his grasp.

“You are calling a warrior pointless before those morons, those charlatan regular folks. DSS was pushing a warrior. In any circumstance where you end up as a trooper, the Military just allows you five seconds to pull it together, so from that point onward, you should know how to answer to any assault or anything that comes your direction.

“Since he is a lead representative, I know he (the captured fighter) was stunned that the lead representative was capturing him. I’m not saying I’m perfect; however, in any circumstance I find myself in, especially near your barracks, no one can arrest you. I rehash, it’s not possible for anyone to capture you since you need to hold fast and no one will slap you there.

 You say you won’t go. For what reason will you capture me when there are IP and military police?

“Okay, will it be because I took a different route in front of my barracks? Consider the possibility that I just took the bicycle out to purchase something. Do I need to take the long course since I need to purchase something? Who performs that? In which Armed force?”

He added that the lead representative’s activity was on the grounds that Lagos was tranquil, saying that would never have occurred in the North-East where he said he was based.

He said, “Thus, presently, your lead representative has the guts to capture and try and call an officer pointless. To be earnest, Lagos enjoys been encountering a lot of harmony. Let’s be honest: there hasn’t been enough peace in Lagos. Allow us to expect this occurred in the North-East where I’m, is it here the lead representative’s caravan that is taking one way will capture an officer for taking one way?

“You are there seeking after regular citizens, imagine a scenario where they engage in a mishap along the line… On the off chance that the warrior said he is staying put, no one has the ability to slap him. In the event that the lead representative attempts it, he realizes he is now a past. The lead representative challenge not slap a fighter.

A soldier also criticized Sanwo-Olu in another video for ordering the arrest of his colleague and three other motorcyclists for driving in traffic on the Lagos-Badagry Expressway.

In a different 59-second video, the officer said, “Warriors that experience constantly. What amount do they pay officers? I hear an iron was put in the Spear Corporal’s hand since he was shot in the hand. How much do soldiers earn? Calling a trooper pointless? Also, you call yourself the lead representative yet you are making trouble all over. Who are you, Lead representative Sanwo-Olu? At the point when you maintain that should go about your filthy business, you will call warriors. Proceed to actually look at the Ojo Street, is it great?”

At the point when reached by one of our journalists, the representative, 81 Division Nigerian Armed force , Olabisi Ayeni, informed  there were as of now no subtleties accessible. Notwithstanding, he said he would address the matter soon.

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