Nigeria: Police probe alleged OPC assault on lady in Lagos

Nigeria: Police probe alleged OPC assault on lady in Lagos

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Lagos State Police Order is examining the supposed attack on a woman, Tope Segun, by associated individuals with the Oodua Nation’s Congress.

She said the occurrence occurred at the example of her previous beau, recognized just as Atari, whom she guaranteed welcomed the men to “discipline” her sibling, Abdulahi, whom she said prior had a conflict with Atari.

Tope, who supposedly had supported wounds in video cuts got the, requested equity as she noticed that she was beaten to a daze by the men while she was attempting to save her sibling from them.

While talking in a meeting with our reporter on Thursday, she said, “We’re still regarding this situation.”

She had stated earlier on Friday that “on Friday, my former boyfriend came to our house on Olodan Street, Ijora Badia, and met my brother.” My sibling told him not to go into the house; he shouldn’t sit in our bed and that he ought to call my line since I was nowhere to be found and I was the one he needed to see.”

As indicated by Tope, her sibling could have done without Atari. ” He (Atari) then hit my sibling on the chest and they started battling. One of our kin then shouted out to me that my sibling and Atari were having a battle. So when I arrived I began hitting him with something and he left yet he went to welcome individuals from the OPC to come and teach my sibling.

“At the point when the OPC men came, they started hitting my sibling with boards. From our location, they beat him toward the OPC’s base. At the point when I arrived to look for my sibling’s delivery, letting them know our dad just kicked the bucket, they were inquiring as to whether I knew where I came to. One of them beat me up with a belt from a grinding machine. I was slapped. I was racing to the next road, and one of them followed me and continued to hit me with the belt. I demanded I should bring my sibling back home.”

Tope said when she returned home after the episode, she understood her body had been enlarging. ” I and my sibling couldn’t rest. My brother was unable to properly walk.

 the matter at the police headquarters in Pako, Amukoko. The matter has arrived at the Area Order and the person was delivered to be proceeding to return to the station. They told us to come by 2 a.m. on Friday, and Tope said she didn’t want the case to be swept under the rug, despite requests from concerned parties to settle it amicably.

An occupant nearby, who shared a video showing upper pieces of Tope’s body with scars thought to have come about because of the beating, said the casualty was seriously beaten.

One more occupant who talked on state of namelessness inspired by a paranoid fear of being designated by the suspects, said, “This woman was beaten by one OPC part, who is known for threatening Ijora Badia region. He was accounted for at the police headquarters in regards to this issue. He was confined for just a day as opposed to being charged to court the following woman. This woman is defenseless.”

Reached on Friday, the state Police Advertising Official, Benjamin Hundeyin, who affirmed the episode, said it was inappropriate to say the suspect was delivered as though the case had been released.

In a response to our inquiry regarding the incident, the PPRO stated, “He was released on bail as he is entitled to it, and all parties involved were asked to meet today (Wednesday) at 2am at the Area Commander’s office.”

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