Russia: As Kyiv celebrates its founding, Russia launches its largest drone attack yet on the city

Russia: As Kyiv celebrates its founding, Russia launches its largest drone attack yet on the city

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

As Kyiv got ready for the annual celebration of its founding, Russia launched the largest drone attack of the war against the city overnight. Be that as it may, as per Ukrainian military authorities, practically all the Iranian-made airplane were killed.

Although the air force claimed to have shot down 52 of the 54 Shahed drones that were launched at the city in waves, falling debris still killed one man, injured two others, and set a shopping center’s roof on fire.

It appeared that the attack was coming from the north and south at low altitudes. According to a spokesperson for Operational Command South, the Russians appeared to be looking for a way to circumvent Ukraine’s ever-increasing air defenses.

The spokesperson told reporters, “The enemy traditionally used the eastern coast of the Azov Sea to attack, but the routes of these aircraft were somewhat unconventional.” They flew primarily over the temporarily occupied territories and dispersed throughout Ukraine, attempting to get around southern air defenses as much as possible.

She continued, “They are trying to gravitate towards riverbeds to conceal the Shahed groups’ direction of movement.” We keep on concentrating on new methodologies in strategies to be essentially as compelling as could be expected.”

Military eyewitnesses have proposed that one more objective of the consistent stream of Russian air assaults is to debilitate Ukrainian air guard ammo utilizing modest Iranian robots. In advance of a planned spring counteroffensive against Russian occupying forces, Ukrainian officials have stated that one of their most pressing concerns is a lack of anti-aircraft missiles.

The early hours of Kyiv Day, a celebration of the city’s 1,541-year anniversary marked by street fairs and live concerts, saw the drone attacks.

On his Telegram channel, the head of Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s office, Andriy Yermak, stated, “The history of Ukraine is a longstanding irritant for the insecure Russians.”

On the messaging app Telegram, Serhiy Popko, the head of the military administration in the capital, stated: Today, the adversary made the decision to use their lethal UAVs—unmanned aerial vehicles—to “congratulate” the Kyiv people on Kyiv Day.

The air alert lasted for more than five hours as the attack was carried out in waves.

People who had grown accustomed to Russian air raids stood on their balconies in some parts of the city, yelling slogans that praised Ukrainian air defenses and defied Vladimir Putin and Russia.

The crashing Ukrainian UJ22 drone near Moscow.

Russia says a military drone tried to hit a gas facility near Moscow during the day. Stalls selling handicrafts, Ukrainian flags, and T-shirts were set up in the city center’s streets. vyshyvanka, a traditional embroidered blouse, was worn by both men and women to mark a summer festival with a hint of rebellion.

“Bits of a robot descended only 400 meters from my mom’s home,” said Okseniya, who was selling hand crafted beaded pieces of jewelry. ” She is so terrified today. But people carry on with their lives because you can’t always be affected.

You really want to keep on working, meet your companions, eat frozen yogurt, go to a live occasion, a show or a party.

It’s as if your life’s values have changed. Because you feel like you can die every minute, you appreciate life more.”

The head of the Wagner mercenary group lashed out at the Kremlin hierarchy on Sunday, claiming that it had imposed a news blackout on him in order to prevent him from criticizing the way the war is being carried out. This demonstrated the divisions in the Russian leadership that the invasion had created.

“The bureaucrats have grown accustomed to shoving Wagner everywhere. Wagner is not a piece of slick soap. Wagner is a borer, a stiletto that you can’t stow away,” Prigozhin said. ” They have, in my opinion, prohibited coverage.

The fact that “those very towers of the Kremlin, high-level bureaucrats, are trying to shut the mouths of everyone so that they don’t speak about Wagner will only give the people another push.”

He asserted that the Russian public would react negatively to such an approach.

He stated, “They will get a rap on the knuckles from the people in the long term, two or three months, for trying to shut everyone’s mouths and ears.”

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