Nigeria: Registered nurse anaesthetist, Prince Ovwiomodiowho accused R Jolad Hospital

Nigeria: Registered nurse anaesthetist, Prince Ovwiomodiowho accused R Jolad Hospital

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

A registered nurse anaesthetist, Prince Ovwiomodiowho, has accused R Jolad Hospital, a private hospital in Lagos State, of negligence and failure to provide adequate care, resulting in the death of his wife, Loveth, and their unborn son, Jason. According to Ovwiomodiowho, his wife started receiving antenatal care at the hospital in  but tragically bled to death on March , shortly after undergoing a caesarean section.

Ovwiomodiowho alleges that the lack of a competent surgical team and essential equipment were contributing factors to the untimely death of his wife and baby. He claims that prolonged induction caused the rupture of his wife’s uterus, leading to heavy bleeding. Despite his objections, the doctor in charge insisted on proceeding with the induction according to the hospital’s protocol.

The nurse recounts the traumatic events that unfolded during his wife’s stay at the hospital, stating that there was no clear indication for a C-section, yet the doctor proceeded with the induction. After 10 hours of aggressive induction, his wife’s uterus ruptured, and she started bleeding profusely. The hospital allegedly failed to promptly recognize the bleeding and provide the necessary intervention, leading to his wife’s collapse and eventual death.

Ovwiomodiowho also claims that the hospital lacked a surgical team, anaesthetist, and paediatrician during the surgery. He alleges that essential surgical and resuscitation equipment was not available, and the surgery was conducted in inadequate lighting. Despite various attempts to control the bleeding, his wife and son tragically bled to death.

The grieving husband further laments that the hospital has refused to release his late wife’s uterus and placenta, which were removed during the surgery. He has reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and is awaiting their response.

In response to the allegations, the management of R Jolad Hospital denies any negligence or complicity in the death of the woman. They assert that they provided the necessary medical care and followed standard protocols and procedures during the delivery. The hospital claims that the wife’s loss of blood was due to her husband’s religious belief against blood transfusion, as they were instructed not to administer blood.

The hospital’s management maintains that they are well-equipped with personnel and other resources and that such a scenario has never happened before. They state that they have always provided care to the best of their knowledge and practice.

The nurse, Prince Ovwiomodiowho, expresses his deep pain and loss and his struggle to find the right words to tell his four-year-old daughter about her mother’s death. He also claims to have faced intimidation and frustrations in his pursuit of justice due to his financial situation.

The case remains under investigation, and both parties await further action from the relevant authorities.

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