Sudan: A woman from Sudan who is heavily pregnant gives birth to a “miracle baby.”

Sudan: A woman from Sudan who is heavily pregnant gives birth to a “miracle baby.”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

According to her husband, a heavily pregnant woman who was shot, escaped from an overturned car, and had to walk for hours in the middle of the night to get to a border crossing with her three-year-old daughter has given birth to a miracle baby.

After fighting broke out last month in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, the woman was stranded there while her husband, a caretaker in Wolverhampton, tried to get her a visa to the UK.

The couple, who are both 25 years old and refugees from Eritrea, cannot be named for reasons of security. The spouse was conceded outcast status subsequent to guaranteeing haven in the UK, and applied to the Work space for an evacuee family gathering visa in February 2022.

Before the fighting started, his wife and daughter were waiting in Khartoum because it was safer there than in Eritrea. The spouse became pregnant when her better half visited her and their little girl in Khartoum in the pre-winter of the year before.

However, when the fighting in Sudan began, the apartment she was staying in was shelled. The woman made the decision to attempt to travel to Egypt because she had limited access to medical care, food, and water.

The husband stated, “We didn’t tell our daughter anything about the war in Khartoum because we didn’t want to frighten her.” She could hear gunfire in Khartoum, but my wife assured her that it was just fireworks and not to worry. When they made their way out of Khartoum, my daughter and wife had to leave everything behind. My significant other just took our marriage declaration and my little girl took one little hold on for her she called Mohammed. She requested to name her younger sibling after her bear.”

They used a truck, bus, and taxi to travel from Khartoum to the Egyptian border through the city of Medani, which took them four terrifying days.

The vehicle in which they were traveling overturned at one point when a wheel fell off, injuring some of the passengers. The woman and her daughter escaped injury and were able to negotiate a price for a new car so they could continue their journey.

The journey came to a close with a lengthy nighttime walk from Port Sudan to an Egyptian border crossing. On the final leg of their search for safety, other refugees assisted the wife in carrying her daughter even though they were aware that she was extremely pregnant.

The birth of the boy, despite all odds, took place peacefully in a Cairo hospital on May 24 and went so well that both the mother and the baby were released within hours.

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