Mexico: At a New Mexico biker rally, a shooting wounded five and killed three

Mexico: At a New Mexico biker rally, a shooting wounded five and killed three

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Saturday’s shooting at a biker rally in Red River, New Mexico, resulted in three fatalities and five injuries.

Neither the victims nor the shooters were neighborhood occupants and were among bikers who were visiting for the meeting over the long end of the week occasion driving into Commemoration Day, Red Waterway city chairman Linda Calhoun told the Gatekeeper on Sunday.

She had said in a previous meeting on Sunday morning that the shooting was group related, and that the shooters have all been arrested.

She couldn’t affirm the number of shooters that were involved. The Gatekeeper has contacted the assembly coordinators for additional subtleties.

She added, “This was a very targeted event.” What’s more, no policing occupants were harmed.”

The shooting occurred between two retail locations, and it was not business-related.

Calhoun said there was no danger to the more extensive public.

The shooting took place at the 41st Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally, a long-term event that attracts thousands of bikers and vendors. Around 20,000 bikers were going to the current year’s assembly.

Particularly from Texas, Colorado, and Oklahoma, as well as other parts of New Mexico and further afield, motorcyclists arrive.

According to Calhoun, “we’re a very, very small town and host a big event,” the police have suggested that local businesses close while the investigation is ongoing.

She stated, “It’s a huge impact on our business community, businesses were having record days on Friday and Saturday,” and “it’s a huge hit to our economy.”

The police secured all of the victims’ transportation to two hospitals in nearby towns and one in Denver, Colorado.

Chicago also saw a lot of gun violence over the long weekend. Between Friday evening and Sunday morning, 34 people were shot, resulting in eight deaths across the city. Early on Saturday, two people were shot and killed in separate incidents in Philadelphia. Saturday afternoon, a toddler was fatally shot inside an apartment in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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