Nigeria: Shock as Nigerians respond to doctor’s demise inside faculty Lagos hospital clinic elevator

Nigeria: Shock as Nigerians respond to doctor’s demise inside faculty Lagos hospital clinic elevator

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Nigerians have taken to different social media handles to lament the new passing of Dr. Vwaere Diaso, who kicked the bucket Tuesday, following an elevator accident at the Overall Clinic in Odan, Lagos State.

Our correspondent’s findings indicate that the elevator that carried Diaso to the ground floor from the 10th floor crashed.

It was likewise accumulated that the late doctor was raced to the emergency ward of the clinic for treatment however in the long run passed on.

Before the unfortunate incident, Dr. Odiaso was a graduate of Babcock University and had two weeks to complete her housemanship.

Since then, more Nigerians have taken to social media to criticize Odan’s management at Lagos General Hospital for its inadequate response to the accident that claimed the young doctor’s life.

Ugwunna Ejikem, a Netizen, tweeted: It took over an hour for help to arrive before she passed away. She works in a hospital’s interior. It’s the reason I get aggravated when ‘laypeople’ fault the typical specialist for avoidable passings that happen because of the fundamental decay in our wellbeing area. We’re casualties as well. We’re not saved!”

Another Netizen, Olanrewaju Aiyepola tweeted: ” Because we have been complaining about this elevator for a very long time, I am particularly upset. Every time we needed to use it, we have maneuvered, managed, and prayed. Until it kills one of us, no promises will be made to fix it.

Ikem Okona additionally tweeted: ” Name and scold the culprits, but keep the nation out of it. You, individuals, shouldn’t consider all setback to be a chance to slam the country. That is a generalist position and would divert from the genuine circumstance and how to check it.”

On Twitter, Omolayo wrote: Right now, everything she must have felt—fear, pain, cries—could have been avoided, and I keep becoming more and more afraid of this country as the day goes on. It is so sad that another promising life has been taken from us; Nigeria has failed us once more.

Uche Diala composed: ” Sadly, this is extremely annoying.

Find happiness in the hereafter won’t be sufficient.”

Furthermore, Sunny Abimbola wrote: For what reason do we need upkeep culture in our public offices? It’s miserable that the carelessness of either the administration/government is the reason for her inopportune demise.

May her spirit find happiness in the hereafter likewise may God award her family the strength to get through her destruction.”

Amaka Olaneya getting down on the Overall Emergency clinics in Lagos state tweeted: ” Promptly you fall wiped out as a clinical staff and you’re taken to the public authority medical clinic, you’re at a similar level with each understanding there. You’ll see the equivalent ‘shege’ those patients are seeing. It won’t be easy unless a miracle happens.

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