Nigeria: 63-year-elderly person falls debilitated in the wake of losing N6.2m to fraudsters

Nigeria: 63-year-elderly person falls debilitated in the wake of losing N6.2m to fraudsters

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

After losing N6.2 million to con artists in Lagos, a 63-year-old woman (name withheld) has become ill.

The victim’s girl, Anu Joseph, told PUNCH Metro that her damaged mother was right now doing combating Hypertension because of the occurrence.

Joseph said inconvenience began when she moved an undisclosed measure of cash to her mum on June 7, 2023, to address a pressing matter.

She claimed that when her mother went to the bank, she was unable to finish the transaction because she needed a specific document that she did not have with her at the time.

Her mother, she claims, was taken advantage of while returning from the bank.

She said, “It occurred on June 7, 2023. I moved a cash to my mum for something vital and I requested that she go to a part of a bank on Victoria Island. She went, but one missing document prevented her from concluding the transaction.

“She emerged from the bank to leave and was asking the way in which she would get to Ojuelegba from that point. She told the driver where she was going when a car happened to be parked in front of her. He requested that she enter.

“As per my mum, they began discussing Pounds, somebody having a transfer what not, and they persuaded her to pull out N3m and give it to them.”

She asserted that her mom, in the company of the driver, pulled out N3m, and went with the driver to meet certain individuals who gave bank subtleties that the cash was paid.

“My mum couldn’t perceive anybody until her BP went high and she turned out to be sick. She is presently not in her right temper since she understood it was a trick. Joseph stated, “She didn’t want to accept that she has been defrauded.”

She added that the fraudsters kept on calling her mum on the phone and she continued to send cash to them until she had no more cash to give.

She continued, “As if that weren’t enough, these people kept contacting her and she kept sending them money to the tune of N6.2m.”

Joseph asked why it was hard for the police officers at the Power Criminal Examination Division Addition, Alagbon, where the case was accounted for, to follow the fraudsters notwithstanding that their bank subtleties were given.

At the point when reached, the representative of the FCID, Niyi Ogundeyi, said he met with the casualty’s little girl and that examination was progressing looking into it.

“I met with the victim’s daughter,” he stated. I have seen the request, and a few cycles should be subsidized regardless of the police officer that will treat it.

“They need to do following and it will cost cash. The police don’t have a following machine. They likewise need a court request to have the option to follow the telephone numbers on the records as opposed to searching for individuals without addresses.

“In Lagos, courts don’t provide court orders once more. The police should go to Ibadan to go get this court request since banks will do nothing without it.

The police do not have the funds to complete the process.

“Be that as it may, the examination is as yet progressing and from my discoveries, the cop accountable for the case is doing the needful to ensure the suspects are captured.”

In the mean time, the state Police Advertising Official, Benjamin Hundeyin, nonetheless, encouraged residents to gain from others’ encounters.

People ought to learn from the trials and tribulations of others. They should exercise extreme caution when discussing finances and not just talk to anyone.

“The police will continuously deal with each protest we get and we will keep on sharpening individuals to be exceptionally cautious as they approach their day to day exercises,” he said.

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