Nigeria: Lawyer advisor charges losing pregnancy to police provocation

Nigeria: Lawyer advisor charges losing pregnancy to police provocation

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

An Ogun State-based lawyer, Yemisi Adebayo, has described how she lost her pregnancy after she was purportedly attacked by police officers from the state police central command at Eleweran, Abeokuta.

Adebayo told PUNCH Metro in an interview on Saturday that she was gotten by three cops on Monday, July 31, 2023, at her office in Oju Mineral, the Ota region of the state, after they told her she should follow them to Onipanu Police headquarters, along Obasanjo Street in the state.

She said the police officers accompanied a man distinguished as Niyi, whom she had prior followed to the police headquarters when he (Niyi) was welcomed by the police over a land matter.

She noticed that inconvenience started when she went with Niyi and four different people to the police headquarters since they were welcomed over a land matter they didn’t have anything to do with. She said the five people were delivered to her and that she was to bring them upon demand by the police.

Adebayo said, “They said those five people were involving a real estate parcel at Ota. At the point when they were welcomed, the said complainant didn’t have any acquaintance with them. The matter is now at the court, they just involved the empty spot as understudies that they are, and the goal was that they ought to clear the spot with which they went along.

“Yet, on Saturday, an official called me saying that he needed to see those five people again at Onipanu Police headquarters, Obasanjo. I said I would illuminate them. I said they could likewise call them since they had their numbers.”

Adebayo said she had a legal dispute at the Government High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos, on Monday and had previously informed the five people to proceed to meet the police on that day.

She added, “They (the police officers) came to my office on Monday and requested that I go with them to the police headquarters. I entered the vehicle. I saw Niyi and inquired as to whether he was the one that carried the cops to my office and he said no. So I entered the vehicle and followed them.

“While on our way, when we got to Obasanjo, I anticipated that they should enter the station however they drove past it and locked the vehicle and hurried off.”

The legal counselor said when the police officers halted at a filling station and opened the entryway of the vehicle, she endeavored to get away.

“They held me and unpleasant dealt with my garments. One of them pointed a weapon at me and said they have killed numerous legal counselors and I ought to gain from them. I was peeing on myself. I was shouting and advising individuals to record the occurrence – that I am a legal counselor.

“At the point when individuals emerged, the cops utilized weapons to frighten them off. They later delivered me and drove Niyi away. I don’t have any idea where they took him to work now,” she added.

Adebayo who said she had been sick from that point forward said she went to the medical clinic and found she had an unsuccessful labor.

“At the point when I went to the emergency clinic, I didn’t actually realize I was pregnant previously. I found I had lost the pregnancy,” she told PUNCH Metro.

 Reached, the state Police Advertising Official, Omolola Odutola, said it was significant for people welcomed in association with cases being scrutinized to appear at the station upon such greeting.

 Odutola said, “The Nigeria Police is a cordial power and that is the motivation behind why letters like that are conveyed to demand the people who are thought to have been involved from a distance, fortuitously, or even mainly, to come and make a clarification to the police about the degree of their responsibility in a supposed wrongdoing.

“The State Criminal Examination and Knowledge Division is approved to demand people named in a request to precede it to reply and that it is the most mindful and conscious way. Allow her to collaborate.”

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