Nigeria: Police rescue five kidnap victims in Katsina

Nigeria: Police rescue five kidnap victims in Katsina

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The police in Katsina have rescued five victims before kidnapped by terrorists who went after a local area in Malumfashi Neighborhood Government Region of the state early Sunday morning.

The police are likewise on the path of the psychological oppressors who did the assault.

The representative for the Katsina state police order, ASP Abubakar affirmed the improvement on Monday.

He made sense of that police agents got the data that the fear mongers in numbers, went after Sabon Gida town in the chamber early Sunday morning where they captured the people in question.

He added that the fear based oppressors from there on were moving the casualties towards kankara when the agents faced them (the psychological militants) and drew in them in a savage weapon fight.

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The five casualties were allegedly saved safe while the fear mongers escaped to the woodlands.

The police representative said the agents were on the path of the escaping psychological oppressors on Monday.

Aliyu uncovered “On 6, August, 2023, at around 5 a.m, data was gotten that psychological oppressors equipped with hazardous weapons like the AK-47 rifle, firing inconsistently, went after Sabon Gida town, Malumfashi Nearby Government Region, hijacked five (5) individuals, and were moving towards Kankara Neighborhood Government Region. Endless supply of the report, immediately, DPO Kankara prepared his men to the scene, where they drew in the thought fear monger in a furious firearm duel and effectively safeguarded every one of the grabbed casualties safe.

“Endeavors are on with the end goal of capturing the escaping suspects.

“Examination is going,” he expressed.

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