Nigeria: Herder captured for purportedly slashing off man’s hands

Nigeria: Herder captured for purportedly slashing off man’s hands

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Plateau State Police Command has said it captured a herder distinguished as Abdulrahman Kaila for purportedly removing a farmer’s hand in the Lakushi people group, Shendam Neighborhood Government Region of the state.

A video of the farmer holding his cut off right hand with blood trickling on the ground circled via social media last week.

He was heard in the brief video letting some know men that a Fulani herder cut off his hand since he asked him (herder) to move his steers out of his ranch.

The rancher who was seen draining lavishly was then encouraged by the two men to go to the medical clinic for therapy while they report the episode to the police.

The representative for the Plateau State Police Command, Alabo Alfred told The PUNCH in Jos on Sunday that plans had been closed to charge the suspect in court.

The PPRO said, “We have captured the suspect who hacked off an individual’s hand. He is in our care at this moment. We had the option to capture him through our insight organization. So it isn’t as though he gave himself over eagerly. It is our system having an effect on everything and we will not reveal it.

“At the point when police got the news, the chief of police taught the DPO to pursue the culprit, and after a quick response by the DPO, the suspect was captured and he gave us his justification behind cutting the hand of the rancher,

“The main thing I can see you is that examination has been closed and the suspect will be charged in court tomorrow (Monday) or next tomorrow (Tuesday).”

Sources at the order central command in Jos on Sunday cited the suspect as saying during cross examination, “I was brushing when the rancher halted me and requested that I return as the area where I was touching is a rice ranch.

“At the point when I got back, he whined that his ranch was annihilated by the steers. I then, at that point, pushed the dairy cattle and in a flash, we began quarreling. While we were quarreling, I didn’t have the foggiest idea how I cut off his hand. I did it because of my desire.”

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