Nigeria: Fire Incident at Owode Market in Kwara State Causes N360m Property Loss

Nigeria: Fire Incident at Owode Market in Kwara State Causes N360m Property Loss

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

A devastating fire incident at Owode Market in the Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State resulted in the loss of approximately N360m worth of property. The fire broke out in the early hours of Tuesday and was caused by a dropped lit cigarette end, which ignited combustible materials.

Owode Market, known as the largest market in Kwara State, serves as a bustling commercial hub with about 3,820 shops and 1,180 stands. The fire started around 2am and was reported to the Offa branch of the Kwara State Fire Service at 2:30am.

According to a statement by Hassan Adekunle, the Head of Media and Publicity of the Kwara State Fire Service, a total of 50 shops in the market were affected by the fire, resulting in property losses estimated at over N360m.

“Despite the devastating nature of the fire, only 50 shops bore the brunt of the inferno, thanks to the swift response and decisive actions of the Fire Service,” stated Adekunle on behalf of the agency’s Director, John Falade. He also mentioned that the firefighting efforts managed to salvage commodities and properties worth more than N12bn, providing significant relief amidst the crisis.

A thorough investigation determined that the fire was ignited by a dropped cigarette end, emphasizing the importance of fire safety awareness and preventive measures.

The promptness and efficiency of the Kwara State Fire Service in responding to the distress call at Owode Market were commendable. A team of firemen led by ACF Oyeyipo James arrived at the scene and joined forces with federal firefighting counterparts to combat the inferno. Two fire appliances from different stations were deployed to effectively tackle the raging blaze.

It took a concerted effort of approximately five hours to fully extinguish the flames and ensure the safety of lives and properties within the vicinity. The collaborative efforts of the firefighting teams played a crucial role in bringing the situation under control.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of fire safety measures and the need for vigilance in preventing such accidents. The Kwara State Fire Service continues to work diligently to protect lives and properties in the state.

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