Nigeria: FCT Police Public Relations Officer

Nigeria: FCT Police Public Relations Officer

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command in Abuja announced on Wednesday that it has initiated a surveillance operation on a suspected kidnappers’ den in Zones A and B of Apo-resettlement and its surroundings. The FCT Police Public Relations Officer, Josephine Adeh, stated that the command’s operatives thoroughly searched the suspected kidnappers’ den and the routes on the hills and in the bushes in Apo-resettlement. 

The operation, which took place on Monday, was led by the Commissioner of Police, Benne as to implement security measures in the area, as it is believed to be a hotspot for kidnappers and criminal activities.

During the clearance operation, illegal structures and bushes surrounding the hills were burned down, and police operatives were deployed for surveillance patrols. Adequate security measures were put in place to monitor the entry and exit routes to the hills. This operation comes in response to the increased security threats and attacks in the FCT since late  as kidnappings and banditry have become more prevalent.

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