Nigeria: During a fight in Bauchi, a man cuts off his friend’s hands

Nigeria: During a fight in Bauchi, a man cuts off his friend’s hands

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Auwal Usman, 32, was given a sentence by the Bauchi State Chief Magistrates’ Court for cutting off his friend’s hands with a machete in the state.

Usman was found guilty by the Presiding Judge, Haruna Mamma, of cutting his friend’s hands with a machete during a physical fight.

Yusuf Musa, the police prosecutor, told the court that the suspect, who lives in Ari, Bauchi State’s Ningi Local Government Area, had a disagreement with Sabo Abduwa that led to a fight.

Musa added that the convict used a machete to cut his friend’s hands while the fight was going on.

While one hand tumbled down, the excess one was left hanging.

Musa added, “Abduwa was hurried to the Ningi General Clinic for clinical consideration where the leftover hand was severed to save his life due to the serious wounds he supported because of the profound cut. This is in violation of the penal code’s Section 241.

The suspect admitted to the offenses when the charges were read to him, but he pleaded for leniency from the court because he was a first-time offender.

Mamman stated in his judgment that the court was persuaded that the heinous act of the suspect caused the victim to lose both of his hands, rendering him permanently disabled.

Mamman, subsequently, condemned him to two years in a remedial focus without a choice of fine for making unfortunate hurt opposite Segment 241 of the Corrective Code.

He additionally requested him to pay the casualty the amount of N150,000 for his clinical costs.

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