Nigeria: “Child Trafficking Syndicate Exposed: Suspect Confesses to Kidnapping and Selling Children in Benin Republic”

Nigeria: “Child Trafficking Syndicate Exposed: Suspect Confesses to Kidnapping and Selling Children in Benin Republic”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a shocking revelation, 25-year-old Tayo Adeleke, a suspected kidnapper and child trafficker, has made startling confessions to the Ogun State Police Command. Adeleke, currently in police custody, disclosed his involvement in a child abduction and trafficking syndicate that operates across the border in Benin Republic. The arrest unfolded after an attempted child theft at Omu Pempe community in Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

The incident transpired on Tuesday when Adeleke, along with two accomplices (currently at large), attempted to steal children from a Baptist Church in Omu Pempe. Armed with a motorcycle, the suspects targeted the church with the intention of selling the kidnapped children in the Republic of Benin.

The foiled abduction took place around 2 am when the suspects were challenged about their dubious mission in the village. Unable to provide a credible explanation, they attempted to flee but were apprehended through a joint effort by the police, So-Safe Corps, and local vigilante groups in the community. Adeleke was captured, while his accomplices managed to escape through the bush.

During interrogation, Adeleke admitted to being part of a syndicate that kidnaps children and traffics them to Benin Republic for sale. This revelation sheds light on the disturbing dynamics of child trafficking operations that extend beyond national borders.

Confirming the incident, Ogun State Police spokesperson, Omolola Odutola, highlighted the evolving tactics employed by kidnappers, emphasizing that they are now targeting communities as law enforcement intensifies efforts on highways. Odutola urged community leaders and residents to establish internal security measures, collaborate with law enforcement, and provide necessary information to ensure the safety of lives and property.

Addressing the emerging trend, Odutola stated, “Going into communities to kidnap is the new trend now. We have taken over the highways in Ogun. You will see policemen on the road now. But the kidnappers have gotten into the inner villages to start disturbing them. We will get them; we are going back to the drawing board. Criminals have no place in this state.”

The police spokesperson called on traditional rulers and community leaders to establish internal security at entry and exit points, encouraging villagers to assist law enforcement by identifying strangers in their communities. Odutola expressed gratitude that the attempted kidnapping in Omu Pempe was thwarted, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to combat the evolving tactics of criminals.

This revelation underscores the urgency of addressing the complex challenges posed by human trafficking and child abduction, necessitating collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies, communities, and government authorities.

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