Nigeria: “Kidnapped and Abandoned: Victim Shares Terrifying Ordeal on Ondo State Road”

Nigeria: “Kidnapped and Abandoned: Victim Shares Terrifying Ordeal on Ondo State Road”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Mrs. Adefunke Ale, a victim of a harrowing kidnapping incident, recently recounted her traumatic experience after being abducted at Amurin on the Akure/Owo Road in Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State. Sharing her ordeal with journalists in Akure, Ale revealed that the kidnapping occurred on October 15 while she was en route to Akure, accompanied by her brother, Mr. Yemi Ogunmolasuyi, who was driving their vehicle.

According to Ale, the assailants, numbering eight and brandishing AK-47 rifles, ambushed them without concealing their faces. The motive, as communicated by the kidnappers, was to extract a substantial ransom from Mrs. Ale’s son, Mr. Akeem Olugosi, residing in the United States of America (USA).

Recounting the terrifying encounter, Ale explained, “We were waylaid by four kidnappers at Amurin on the road, and another set of four kidnappers were at the back of the car. They shot at our car, and we had to park with all the car doors opened.”

She described how the kidnappers separated her and her brother, guiding each of them into the bush. Ale endured further distress as she fell in the mud due to exhaustion, sustaining injuries during the dragging process. The perpetrators seized her belongings, including an international passport, driver’s license, cell phones, national identity card, ATM card, and a smaller bag.

Despite being stranded for nearly 30 minutes, motorists on the road failed to offer assistance. It was the intervention of the police that ultimately rescued Ale and transported her to the hospital for medical attention. She emphasized the challenging circumstances, stating, “I could not stand up, and I had to crawl until I reached the roadside, facing heavy traffic hold-up.”

Ale’s brother, unfortunately, spent six days in captivity as the kidnappers initially demanded a ransom of N100 million. The kidnappers eventually released him after unspecified negotiations.

Appealing to government authorities, Ale urged comprehensive measures to address the escalating menace of kidnapping on Nigerian roads. Her plea reflects the urgency for collective efforts to ensure the safety of citizens and curtail criminal activities that threaten the well-being of individuals and communities.

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