More brokers dump leased space, go vehicles to portable shops

More brokers dump leased space, go vehicles to portable shops

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

More dealers are presently transforming their vehicles into shops where they sell products, for example, garments, shoes, bread and fish among others to their clients, 

 who noticed the pattern for a couple of days in pieces of Lagos and Ogun states detailed that the thought is building up momentum among brokers in light of multiple factors.

While some are said to be saving money on shop rent, others are using their cars to avoid having to sell their wares on the side of the road and be under the control of law enforcement.

 the individuals who utilize their vehicles for the offer of things target workplaces, markets and significant bus stations relying upon what they sell.

A portion of the business sectors in Lagos where seen that brokers involving vehicles as shops are expanding in number incorporate Ladipo, PC Town and Oshodi among others.

Also in Ogun State, people selling bread in cars were seen at major bus stops like Lotto and Magboro on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. In Arepo, a man usually sells catfish in a pick-up truck on the main road.

“The comfort and portability of this plan of action are genuinely engaging,” a shoe merchant who is likewise a business driver just recognized as Chibuzor told our reporter.

Remaining by his red vehicle at the Specialist Town in Itire with a variety of shoes in plain view, Chibuzor added, “I have been involving this vehicle for around two years. It just seemed OK to exhibit a portion of the things I sell here.

“It’s a market here; I typically come here to offer to these engine mechanics. In some cases, I go to the Oshodi market too. Once in a while, toward the beginning of the day, I simply do my typical vehicle business, then appear here at night.”

A client, Chinedu Madumere, who was seen in the wake of purchasing a couple of shoes said, “I came here to fix my telephone and saw this person. The shoes he has here are stunning.

“I didn’t financial plan for this however I was unable to oppose purchasing these shoes. I’m thrilled with this purchase, even though I know I could get similar items at Balogun Market on the island.

Emeka Okafor, another trader at Ladipo market who uses his Sienna as a mobile shop, acknowledged that doing so saved him the cost of paying shop rent.

He said, “I just compensation for a parking spot here. It is distinct from paying shop rent. The excellence of this is that I can move around to various business sectors selling garments. I only need to locate a location. That can be a test too however is far superior.

I do not intend to rent a store at this time. The expense of leasing shops is high at this point. There are no shops despite the high rents.

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