Occupants plunder lapsed staples from Bayelsa stockroom

Occupants plunder lapsed staples from Bayelsa stockroom

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

On Tuesday some residents of the state capital broke into a private warehouse in the Kpansia area of Yenagoa, which is used by the state government to store foodstuffs and other materials. They stole food and other items from the warehouse.

The things included sacks of rice and garri as well as containers of noodles and filtered water said to be essential for the help materials gave by a few concerned Nigerians during the 2022 flood in the state.

 The episode happened around 7.30am when the inhabitants raged the stockroom situated along the Isaac Boro Freeway with get vans and confidential vehicles to move the groceries, the vast majority of which had previously turned sour, away.

 While the plundering was progressing, the state government sent men from its security outfit called Doo Akpo to scatter the inhabitants and secure the structure.

The state government was surprised and worried about the invasion of the privately owned warehouse. They said it was unjustified and that the food items were leftovers being thrown away because they were no longer healthy for humans.

 An assertion gave by the State Crisis The executives Organization, on Monday, said the occurrence occurred around 7.00am on Tuesday after the Chief General of BYSEMA, Walamam Igrubia, and some faculty of the office had left the distribution center premises.

 The assertion read to some extent, “During the 2022 flood in the express, the office utilized the stockroom to store food things.

 “The DG visited the premises as part of preparations for this year’s flood, and in his presence, food remnants, particularly rice and garri, that were no longer fit for consumption were removed from the warehouse and placed outside for disposal the following day.

 “The leftovers, which were cleared from the floor and gathered in neglected sacks, were under 10 packs of rice and garri and for certain messed up jars of oil. For accentuation, BYSEMA states that these things were not new food palliatives and were not stored by the office or the state government.

 Importantly, a responsible, compassionate government like ours will not provide Bayelsans with such items as palliatives because they are unfit for human consumption. Basically, there were no food things to plunder. Thus, the people who trucked away the ill suited things are please exhorted to their greatest advantage not to consume them.”

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