Institute of Industrial Research employees raise concerns over non-payment

Institute of Industrial Research employees raise concerns over non-payment

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

 Nigeria;  Several employees of the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi, Lagos State, have raised concerns about the non-payment of promotion entitlements, a predicament persisting for over four years.

On Tuesday, these workers expressed their distress over the financial hardships brought about by the prolonged delay in receiving their due promotions. The employees revealed that the institute’s new governing board, headed by Alhaji Gambo Magaji, which took office in  dismissed the promotion exercise conducted by the previous , exacerbating the situation.

Togunde Oyekola, the institute’s branch Chairman of the Senior Staff Association, disclosed that staff members resorted to prayer and fasting sessions to address the crisis surrounding the promotion exercise.

One employee, preferring to remain unnamed, highlighted the frustration of undergoing promotion exams for four years without receiving the corresponding arrears. Despite approaching the management, she received a response citing last year’s promotion, urging her to be patient as the Director-General was addressing the matter.

Rolly, another staff member, noted that while some colleagues received their promotional entitlements incrementally, others were still awaiting payment for the 2019 promotion exercise. He emphasized the adverse impact on employees, stating that despite previous protests, no resolution had been reached, and the challenging economic climate intensified the situation.

Chris Olumuyiwa, the Public Relations Officer of FIIRO, declined to provide phone reactions and directed inquiries to the FIIRO office for further comments.

The persistent struggle for promotions and the subsequent delay in entitlements underscore the pressing challenges faced by FIIRO employees, with hopes pinned on the institute’s management for a timely resolution.

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