Minister of Youth seek for energy transition

Minister of Youth seek for energy transition

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

In a recent statement, Dr. Jamila Bio-Ibrahim, the Minister of Youths, emphasized the significance of involving youths in the energy transition agenda.

Speaking at the launch of Youth Volt Africa by the Green Energy Mission Africa during the Conference of Parties’ 28 in the UAE, she highlighted the project’s role in equipping African youth with knowledge and opportunities for a greener future.

The initiative focuses on engaging youth in renewable energy, climate resilience, and sustainable resource management to contribute to Africa’s energy transition goals and address energy poverty.

The Director-General of the National Climate Change Council and the Founder of Green Energy Mission Africa also expressed support for the project, emphasizing its alignment with climate goals and empowerment of the youth. YouthVoltAfrica aims to be a catalyst for positive change and sustainable development in Africa.

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