UNILAG reduces fees after marathon meeting with NANS

UNILAG reduces fees after marathon meeting with NANS

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

After a long distance race meeting with the public authority of the Public Relationship of Nigerian Understudies, NANS, the administration of the College of Lagos, UNILAG, has consented to a decrease in the compulsory expenses payable by understudies of the organization.

Correspondence Unit of UNILAG, Adejoke Alaga-Ibraheem, on Friday morning, the gathering was gone to by the Public Leader of NANS, Friend Usman Umar Barambu joined by different NANS officials and the college group drove by the Bad habit Chancellor, Prof. Folasade Ogunsola.

“The gathering concurred that Utility Charges for all classes of understudies be diminished to N15,000:00 from N20,000:00. Mandatory charges for new college understudies was investigated from N126,325:00 to N116,325:00 for courses without Lab/Studio and N176,325:00 to N166,325:00 for courses with Lab/Studio.

The mandatory tuition for returning undergraduate students was reduced from N100,750:00 to N80,750:00 for courses without a lab or studio; N140,250:00 to N120,250:00 for courses with Lab/Studio; furthermore, from N190,250:00 to N170, 250:00 for Clinical/Drug store understudies and understudies in Wellbeing Callings.

“From N 30,000:00, the Convocation Fee that must be paid by all students in their final year has been reduced to N27,000:00. The following was a review of hostel fees: For undergrad lodgings in Akoka and Yaba grounds, the expenses was decreased to N43, 000:00 from N90,000:00. The fees for the hostels on the Idi-Araba campus were reduced from N120,000:00 to N65,000:00. The expenses for Sodeinde Corridor was decreased to N135,000:00 from N250,000:00.”

At the initiation of the gathering, NANS President featured the requests of UNILAG understudies as: Inversion of compulsory charges, inversion of lodging expenses, and the reestablishment of Understudies’ Association Government in UNILAG.

Confidant Barambu saw that the shortfall of Understudies Association Government (SUG) in UNILAG had unfavorably impacted correspondence between the understudies and the executives. He additionally noticed that understudies would have the option to channel their complaints properly through their SUG.

Teacher Ogunsola counted the critical circumstance of the College considering winning monetary real factors, and the battle to meet its commitments to understudies, staff, and civil specialist organizations, among others.

She expressed the college’s obligation to the completion of measures set up to enhance the effect of the compulsory charge survey.

Additionally, the Vice-Chancellor reaffirmed that “no UNILAG student would leave the institution due to fees.” She focused on that the point of the college was to convey quality instruction to its understudies paying little heed to class, clan or ideology.

The VC would begin the most common way of reestablishing understudies’ association exercises in the college quickly.

Over the past six years, the university has banned student unions.

Review that understudies of the foundation have been fighting since last week over the new charge system which they portrayed as restrictive.

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