Mohbad’s father, Joseph Ayoba, has emotionally spoken on the sudden death of the singer

Mohbad’s father, Joseph Ayoba, has emotionally spoken on the sudden death of the singer

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The grieving father was interviewed during the late singer’s burial. There, he disclosed that his relationship with his son was more than just a father-and-son relationship. He stressed that he and his son were really close friends before his passing and that he saw him as his second half; hence the name Oladimedji.

He also mentioned that he dreamt about Mohbad two days before his death, and in said dream, he was shot. Going on he that he could not see the face of the shooter, just the fact that he had a gun.

Ayoba said, “I had a dream concerning him, two days before the incident. In the dream, I saw someone that was holding a gun to shoot me. I thought I escaped the bullet not knowing something like this would happen to me. I don’t suspect anybody at all.

The pair also met on Saturday and nothing was noticeably wrong with him when he saw him that day. Ayoba also mentioned that he had heard the reports but did not believe most of them, he then stressed that there was a possibility that his son was visited by an auxillary nurse who administered an injection to him

In his words, “According to what I heard from people, I don’t believe those but the only thing I can think of is the auxiliary nurse that treats people which is very bad. I don’t know what kind of nurse they invited him to give him an injection, and that injection can result to anything. Maybe he had a wound, I don’t know what kind of wound…”

Mohbad, the street pop musician, sadly passed away on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, which was a rude shock to Nigerians. His fans, family and fellow celebrities have since been thrown into a state of mourning, with tributes pouring in since then.

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