Rwanda: 130 people are killed in floods and landslides in Rwanda

Rwanda: 130 people are killed in floods and landslides in Rwanda

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza MAMOS Nigeria

Rwandans lamented Thursday for lost friends and family and annihilated homes after strong floods and avalanches tore through the nation killing no less than 130 individuals and leaving a large number destitute.

In the wake of one of the worst natural disasters of its kind in years, families in the hilly East African nation were burying their loved ones. The government was still counting the costs.

After heavy rains, mud rivers swept away homes and other infrastructure and blocked roads in several areas. The Western Province, which borders Lake Kivu, saw the most destruction, according to reports.

“During the heavy rains, I discovered my child buried beneath rocks and bricks that had fallen on him. In the hard-hit district of Karongi, Anonciata, who only gave one name, told AFP that he had passed away at the hospital.

Our family has been devastated greatly by it. Another of my children sustained severe head injuries as well. I ask he makes due.”

According to Imacule Kankwanzi, her village’s normal life had stopped because there was nothing to eat and the roads were blocked.

“Our homes are annihilated or overwhelmed,” she told AFP. ” My house is totally submerged in water. In a nutshell, we are hopeless and desperate.

The survivors of another severely impacted district, Rubavu, claimed that the floodwaters destroyed their homes.

“I continued calling, asking and pondering where my youngsters were,” Nshimiyimana Egide told AFP.

He added that while he and his wife were able to take cover in trees, “unfortunately all our kids were already dead.”

While confronting the extent of the damage, others were counting their blessings.

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