Canada: Canadian lawmaker claims that his family was harassed by China

Canada: Canadian lawmaker claims that his family was harassed by China

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza MAMOS Nigeria

As pressure mounts on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to launch a public inquiry into Beijing’s attempts to interfere in the country’s domestic politics, a Canadian lawmaker has accused government officials of turning a blind eye to the Chinese harassment of his family.

The Globe and Mail announced that China’s knowledge organization had looked for data about Michael Chong’s family in Hong Kong “for additional possible authorizations” over the Moderate MP’s analysis of Beijing’s denials of basic liberties. The paper also said that the harassment campaign was led by Zhao Wei, a Chinese diplomat in Toronto.

Chong told reporters on Wednesday afternoon, “The government did nothing about a person in Canada who was targeting me and my family and other members of parliament.” Two years ago, the government was aware of this but did nothing about it.

“They didn’t oust [Zhao]. He added that he believed there were “political calculations” behind the decision not to notify him. “In fact, they continued to accredit this individual as a diplomat, giving this individual special rights and immunities not afforded to Canadians, allowing this individual to continue the correction and intimidation campaign,” he said. He described the failure as an “appalling breakdown of the prime minister’s leadership.”

Chong has been a candid pundit of Beijing and driven a 2021 work to hold a parliamentary vote to perceive China’s treatment of the Uyghur populace as massacre. He said that he had settled on the choice quite a while back to remove contact with family in Hong Kong out of an “laser-like focus on safety” for their security and knows nothing about what dangers or provocation they might have confronted.

Trudeau advised journalists that the nation’s covert operative organization needs to improve in the area of imparting more data to the central government about dangers to administrators and their families.

Trudeau claimed that the Globe’s reporting was the only way he had learned of the allegations previously. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), according to the prime minister, later informed him that it “wasn’t a significant enough concern” to notify him.

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