Ondo Man Receives Death Sentence for Neighbor’s Murder

Ondo Man Receives Death Sentence for Neighbor’s Murder

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Ondo State High Court Sentences Man to Death for Neighbour’s Murder

In a verdict handed down by the Ondo State High Court in Akure, Abayomi Joseph has been sentenced to death for the brutal killing of his neighbour, Thomas Oluwole. The incident occurred in 2021 in the Ijoka area of Akure, following an accusation of well water poisoning directed at the deceased’s daughter by the convict.

During a heated argument, Joseph attacked the 63-year-old victim with a machete, causing fatal injuries. Arrested by the police and charged with murder, Joseph claimed insanity during the proceedings. Despite his defense, the court found him guilty, emphasizing that the deliberate nature of the attack warranted the death penalty.

Justice O.S Kuteyi, the trial judge, stated that Joseph’s attempt to raise insanity as a defense was a mere ploy. The court held that the prosecution convincingly proved the murder case beyond reasonable doubt, leading to the sentence of death by hanging.

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