Nigeria: Ogun Communities Advocate Government Intervention for Dilapidated Roads

Nigeria: Ogun Communities Advocate Government Intervention for Dilapidated Roads

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Residents of Ijere, Pakuro, Magbon, and several other communities in the Obafemi-Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State have voiced their frustrations over the deteriorating condition of the roads connecting their communities.

Jimoh Owolabi, the Chairman of the Community Development Committee, highlighted that these communities have been grappling with the challenge for over nine years, despite their efforts to maintain the roads through contributions and tolls.

He explained that residents have been pooling funds annually, amounting to millions of naira, in an attempt to repair the roads. However, these efforts have not been sufficient to address the extensive damage, leading to a plea for assistance from the government to fix their infrastructure.

Despite numerous meetings and letters to government agencies, including the Ministry of Works and the local government, the community has not received any response or assistance. Instead, they expressed disappointment over the government’s decision to send agents to collect money from bikers and commercial motorists, rather than providing a sustainable solution.

Moruf Sanyaolu, an elder in the community, attributed the community’s struggles to the lack of government intervention. He emphasized that despite residents’ monthly contributions to maintain the roads, they remain in poor condition, especially during the rainy season. Consequently, some residents have been forced to seek accommodation elsewhere, affecting local businesses and trade activities.

Sanyaolu called on the government to intervene and improve the road infrastructure, making them habitable for all residents. He expressed disappointment over the lack of positive change or benefits from democratic governance, urging authorities to prioritize the needs of the community.

In a related development, residents also lamented the poor state of the community road at the Ogunrun area of Mowe. They highlighted the road’s deterioration and the collection of tolls, which they deemed ineffective in maintaining the road.

Residents criticized the continuous payment of tolls, stating that it has not led to any improvements. Additionally, they expressed concerns about extortion by various groups under the guise of maintaining the road, leading to further inconvenience for motorists.

Efforts to reach the state Commissioner of Works and the Chairman of Obafemi-Owode Local Government for reactions were unsuccessful, as calls made to their telephones were not answered, and text messages remained unanswered.

In conclusion, residents of these communities are appealing to the government for urgent intervention to address the deplorable state of their roads and alleviate their longstanding struggles with transportation and infrastructure.

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