Nigeria: Not any more lewd behavior in Nollywood — Raymond Okafor

Nigeria: Not any more lewd behavior in Nollywood — Raymond Okafor

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Nollywood’s actor, Raymond Okafor, who was as of late named by the Leader of Entertainers Society of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, as an individual from the Public Team of the Organization, has proclaimed that lewd behavior no longer exists in Nollywood.

In a visit with R, Okafor expressed that the supposed inappropriate behavior that used to be extremely wild in the business is a relic of times gone by, refering to certain explanations behind the turn of events.

He said: ” Those lewd activities don’t occur any longer as they used to. Nowadays, the producers are more keen on bringing in cash than laying down with young ladies. Maybe, the other explanation might be founded on the way that there are currently an excessive number of wonderful young ladies in Nollywood that they are excessively worn out to try and take action on them. Sex for jobs is a relic of days gone by.

“Noticeable producers I know don’t engage in sexual relations on their brains yet making fruitful films that make them grin to the banks. Take a gander at it along these lines, what number of individuals might they at any point lay down with? The main way they can campaign them isn’t through sex. A portion of the young ladies are not even intrigued by sex any longer. What they do now is most likely request that you bring cash and produce for yourself and bring in their own cash.

“It returns to what I said before that you want cash in Nollywood to find success. Assuming that you should simply offer sex, you are lost since no one is keen on sex any longer.

“In any event, when you have ability, it’s anything but an assurance without cash. It resembles having the ability however no stage to exhibit it. With cash, you can make the stage accessible and pay your entry to progress.

“Something else is to be faithful and ensure whenever you have the open door you kill it. Since when you have some work that is great you are probably going to get another.”

Raymond Okafor remains at 6.8 feet, making him the tallest man in Nollywood.

He has highlighted in films including Predetermination, Better Tomorrow, The Hookup, Twins Separated, Unholy Kin, Amaka, Mother G-square, Our Security and 21 Days Night.

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