Nigeria: Lagos bishop accused of raping ministers summoned

Nigeria: Lagos bishop accused of raping ministers summoned

The Ikeja Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court, on Monday, in truth a minister, Oluwafeyiropo Daniel, who was blamed for assaulting two of his congregation ministers (names kept) bail.

However, Justice Ramon Oshodi remanded Oluwafeyiropo, the founder of I Reign Christian Ministry, in the Kirikiri Correctional Center until he could fulfill the terms of his bail.

The respondent was allowed N20m bail with two guarantees in like aggregate.

According to Justice Oshodi, one of the sureties must own property in Lagos State that is sufficient to cover the bail amount.

The Chief Registrar of Lagos State must receive the landed property’s original document.

“The guarantees should live inside the court’s ward and should show proof of three years’ expense installment to the Lagos State,” he said.

In addition, the judge ordered an acceleration hearing of the case and directed the defendant to deposit his passport with the chief registrar of the court.

Mr. Olukunle Oyewole, the defendant’s attorney, moved his bail application on April 10 and urged the court to grant him bail with generous terms.

Oyewole argued that the defendant had made himself available to the police and had been on administrative bail since March 20, 2023.

The defendant, a well-known religious figure, has demonstrated by his actions that he will not skip bail.

He stated, “The crime for which he is charged is a bailable crime, and he has credible sureties who can stand for him.”

In his counter affidavit dated April 14, Mr. Babjide Boye, the state prosecution counsel, urged the court to deny the defendant’s request for bail but left the decision up to the court.

In addition, Boye argued that the offense was serious and that the defendant might be at risk of flight if convicted.

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