Nigeria: Facing a major challenge as they endure a 48-hour power outage

Nigeria: Facing a major challenge as they endure a 48-hour power outage

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Facing a major challenge as they endure a 48-hour power outage. The blackout was caused by the vandalism of four 330kV towers along the Jos-Gombe transmission line. The towers collapsed and some tower members were stolen, leading to a disruption in the power supply to Gombe, Yola, and Jalingo Substations. This, in turn, affected parts of Yola and Jos Electricity Distribution Companies’ franchise areas.

The Transmission TC using the transmission lines in Ashaka, Potiskum, Dam rely on charging services to keep their lives going. generators, as families cannot afford to stay in the dark.

Residents are appealing to the TCN to expedite the repairs and restore power as soon The Head of Communications at the Jos Electricity Distribution Company, Adakole, urges customers to remain patient as work is ongoing to restore power.

The situation in Gombe highlights the importance of a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for the well-being and productivity of its residents. Efforts are being made to rectify the situation and ensure that the affected areas regain access to electricity. The TCN is committed to resolving the issue and minimizing the suffering of the residents.

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As the TCN works tirelessly to restore power in Gombe, it is essential for residents to exercise patience and understanding. Once the repairs are completed, power transmission will resume, bringing relief to the affected areas. The residents’ voices are heard, and efforts are being made to address their concerns.

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