Nigeria: Federal Government College Ijanikin Controversy: Allegations of Mismanaged Funds Lead to Student Suspensions

Nigeria: Federal Government College Ijanikin Controversy: Allegations of Mismanaged Funds Lead to Student Suspensions

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a controversial development, the Federal Government College (FGC) Ijanikin in Lagos State has suspended three students indefinitely, following their parents’ petition to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). The suspension, reportedly linked to allegations of mismanagement of funds by the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) of the school, has raised concerns and ignited a debate on accountability within the educational institution.

According to reports, the parents, who aired their grievances on a television program monitored on Television Continental (TVC), accused the PTA of irregularities in handling funds amounting to about N23 million. The revelations during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2022 prompted concerned parents to seek clarity on how these funds were expended.

Mrs. Falilat Oluwashogbon, one of the affected parents, highlighted discrepancies in the financial report presented by the PTA chairman during the AGM. Questions were raised about a purported increase in the salary of PTA teachers to N23 million, despite no new hires or salary increments for the teachers. Additionally, concerns were voiced about the allocation of funds for sitting allowances and sports-related expenses.

The dissenting parents claimed that their queries led to their removal from the parent-teacher communication group on Telegram, and access to their children’s portals was blocked. Frustrated by the lack of resolution, they decided to petition the EFCC.

Pius Sodje, another parent and lawyer, revealed that his child narrowly avoided being barred from sitting for the previous year’s WAEC and NECO examinations due to the ongoing dispute. He expressed dissatisfaction with the figures presented by the PTA leadership, emphasizing the need for transparency.

In response, Mr. Shola Tokede, the Chairman of the PTA, refuted the allegations, attributing the discord to disputes arising from the 2021 election for a new PTA executive committee. Tokede asserted that the accusers, who had lost in the election, were seeking to tarnish the reputation of the PTA.

However, the parents maintain their stance, arguing that the funds were not appropriately accounted for, leading to the involvement of the EFCC. The PTA Chairman insisted that all expenses and incomes were duly accounted for.

Regarding the suspension of students, Tokede cited regulations from the Federal Ministry of Education, stating that any parent taking legal action against the school would result in the suspension of their children until the matter is resolved.

As of now, teachers and management remain silent on the matter, referring inquiries to the Federal Ministry of Education. The Public Relations Officer of the PTA mentioned that the association would release its position on the issue in due course.

The incident at FGC Ijanikin raises critical questions about financial transparency, accountability, and the potential consequences for students caught in the crossfire of administrative disputes within educational institutions.

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