Nigeria: During a meeting, Edo police arrest 12 cultists

Nigeria: During a meeting, Edo police arrest 12 cultists

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The Edo State Police Order has captured 12 suspects for their supposed association in equipped burglary and cultism in Edo state.

One of the suspects, Emeka Ogwu, 27, was captured for purportedly taking link having a place with the Benin Power Dissemination Organization while 12 others were captured for their supposed contribution in cultism.

According to Chidi Nwabuzor, a spokesperson for the command, officers arrested Ogwu while they were on patrol in Benin City along the Upper Mission/Upper Lawani axis in response to a distress call.

He said the suspect and another were seen vandalizing reinforced link having a place with BEDC locally, yet the suspect was captured while his accessories got away.

He stated that the suspect had the armored cable, which had been cut into substantial pieces.

Nwabuzor added that the order’s Enemy of Abducting and Digital Wrongdoing Unit additionally captured 12 associated individuals with Eiye Confraternity at Uza Road, Esigie, Benin.

He said the suspects were having a surreptitious gathering on the most proficient method to go after an opponent mystery religion when police raged the scene and captured the suspects while others got away.

Ama Success (19), Odion Sunday (23), Elinana Omon (23), Famous Prosper (23), Joseph Ikehinde (22), Junior Uwadia (22) Cyrillic Omonhe (20), Charles Friday (30), Uyi Ewansiha (33), Ibrahim Abdulmalik (22), and Uyi Okogiewe (19) were among the suspects, according to him. also, Ogbonna Maduabuchi (30).

Success, one of the alleged cultists, told journalists that he joined the Eiye cult after being oppressed by other cults.

Due to oppression, I became a member of a secret cult. He continued, “I regret joining the secret cult, but young boys like me used to collect my belongings from me on the street.” “I decided to join to stop the oppression.

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