Nigeria: CSO urges skit makers to stop sexualizing children and women

Nigeria: CSO urges skit makers to stop sexualizing children and women

The Center for Accountability and Public Participation has expressed concern about the recent rise in the objectification of women and sexualization of children in skits.

The Common Society Association noticed that dramas containing such hurtful and appalling storylines propagate hazardous generalizations that approve the double-dealing of weak people. Additionally, it fosters a nation-wide culture of violence, sexism, and misogyny.

The CSO expressed grave concern in a statement that was signed by CAPPA Policy and Research Officer Zikora Ibeh about the numerous instances in which such comic videos also exploit the innocence of children for the purposes of entertainment.

It referred to the April 9 event where two Instagram entertainers posted a now-erased play highlighting a two-year-old young lady who was the subject of an improper sexual situation and was manhandled by a male grown-up portrayed as the property manager in the video.

Essentially, on April 4, another famous Facebook page shared a video including an upset and stripped lodging secretary, who was begging a man recording her to stop. It was discovered that the individual had at first drawn in the lady in a consensual game plan, however when she took off her garments while inside a room with him, he uncovered that the whole circumstance was a trick, and an outsider was recording. He then shared the video, ranting about her morals and those of Nigerian women as a whole. They said that these are just a few of the many similar videos that are posted online every day in Nigeria.

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