Nigeria: Bandits kill four police officers in Zamfara

Nigeria: Bandits kill four police officers in Zamfara

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Bandits are said to have killed four police officers on the Gusau-Sokoto road in the Bungudu Local Government area of Zamfara.

According to a local named Haruna Musa, the bandits who were present in large numbers on Monday ambushed and shot the police officers who were working the road.

Musa claims that the bandits opened fire on the police officers who had set up a roadblock near Bungudu town and killed four of them.

Musa said, “The cops were on the job and mounted a barrier not realizing that the scoundrels were concealing in a shrubbery close to the detour.

“The scoundrels abruptly emerged from their concealing put and started shooting at the cops, killing four of them.”

Musa claimed that the robbers later moved to a nearby village, where they stole food and several animals.

SP Yazid Abubakar, the state police command’s spokesperson, confirmed the attack but denied knowing whether any police officers were killed in it.

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