Niamina Ferry resumes services

Niamina Ferry resumes services

By Sulayman Waan

Lamin Jawara, general manager for The Gambia Ferry Services (GFS) has announced that the Niamina Ferry that plies Kaur- Jarkoto ferry route has resumed services following weeks OF maintenance. The Niamina Ferry plies between Kaur in the Central River Region North (CRR-N) and Jarkoto in the Niamina East of the Central River Region South (CRR-S).

It could be recalled that recently GFS announced the maintenance of the Niamina Ferry. Technicians were repairing its underwater plates, shafting system, engines, electrical systems and painting the ferry.

However, speaking to Mamos media exclusively, Mr Jawara said: “The work has been completed and now the ferry has returned services.”

He said some time ago the management of ferries send a technical team comprising engineers of the GFS and Banjul Shipyard to repair the Niamina Ferry. He noted that now that work has been successfully completed, the ferry has been redeployed for services.

“The engineers have changed all the underneath water plates and wielded new ones. We have repaired the machinery. We have also repaired the propellers and shafting system,” the Ferries boss said.

The chartered engineer further said the technical team has also overhauled the electrical system of the rural ferry to ensure safe and effective transportation of goods and services in the area. General Manager Jawara said the Niamina Ferry is contributing immensely to the socio-economic growth of the area.

“We have seen an increased use of the ferry around the area and traffic has also been busier since the ferry was deployed,” he said.

GM Jawara commended the technical team for their timely work during the maintenance of the Niamina Ferry.

On the construction of slipways at Kaur-Jarkoto ferry terminals

Mr. Jawara said they are currently working on the construction of the slipways, saying the slipway at the Kaur terminal has been filled with gravel but the one at the Jarkoto ferry terminal is still under construction.

However, GM Jawara urged residents of the area and commuters to maintain patience, saying the Government is doing every effort to make sure construction of the slipways is completed as well as all infrastructures that are necessary for the effective operation of the ferry are instituted.


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