Hon. Sallah expresses concern over massive importation of consumable foods items

Hon. Sallah expresses concern over massive importation of consumable foods items

By Sulayman Waan

Abubacarr Halifa Sallah, secretary general for the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has said that The Gambia is importing most of her consumable foods items from other countries.

Speaking in a recent press conference, the top socialist said: “You look at The Gambia, we are importing most of the things that we are consuming. In 2020 alone, over 1.2 billion in terms of cereals and over 2 billion in terms of rice. We are importing eggs, potatoes [and] onions.”

To Hon. Sallah, The Gambia should be producing edible goods for her people and export to abroad rather than importing from other countries.

“We have a very fine weather. We do not have snow like Ukraine or Russia. We have waterways everywhere and underground water sources. Others will come to our farming communities and sign contracts with them. They will use the same farmers to grow bananas, export it and make millions while our villages and village development committees are sharing pittance,” he argued.

Speaking further, he said: “We have to seek charity to be able to get boreholes but somebody else is using our land to sell bananas outside, make foreign exchange and does not need charity to build boreholes or use any facility that is necessary to sprinkle their farms.”

Essentially, Governments must be Governments of thinkers. That is why Governments are Governments – indirect exercise of power by the people. Why should I give you my might to exercise if you cannot serve me? Therefore, our problem is not Ukraine. Our problem is us – our policy, he said.

“It is our capacity to understand our problems and find solutions for them.”


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