My response to Seedy Njie’s  disrespectful Commentary

My response to Seedy Njie’s  disrespectful Commentary

Dear  Editor,

I respectfully request consideration for the following statement to be included in your upcoming edition:

It is my firm belief that Seedy Njie should abstain from commentary on Gambian politics, particularly in response to individuals such as Lawyer Darboe, who played pivotal roles in securing the democracy we enjoy today. Njie’s affiliation with a regime responsible for the oppression of Gambians over 22 years undermines his credibility to engage in political discourse.

Following the removal of said regime, Njie’s opposition to Jammeh’s departure led to widespread displacement and loss of life among Gambians seeking refuge from violence. Regrettably, Gambian politics have devolved into disrespecting the elders who valiantly fought dictatorship to usher in democracy. Njie’s recent actions, such as employing his relatives in prominent positions within the Gambia Port Authority, exemplify a troubling trend of nepotism and tribalism.

Accusations leveled against Darboe for nepotism and tribal favoritism lack merit, as evidenced by Darboe’s appointment of individuals based on merit, including the former speaker, who bears no relation to him. Njie’s tribalist tendencies, inherited from his father, underscore a deficiency in ethical upbringing and render his criticisms baseless.

Political discourse should prioritize policies over personal attacks, particularly against individuals who have dedicated their lives to public service. Njie’s opportunistic behavior, characterized by aligning with successive governments for personal gain, detracts from meaningful dialogue and perpetuates systemic issues.

We urge Njie to reflect on his actions and strive for accountability and transparency in governance. Respect for the elderly and equitable employment practices are fundamental to fostering a just society. Njie’s misuse of taxpayer funds, including covering expenses for his spouse in America, is indicative of systemic corruption that must be addressed.

In conclusion, we advocate for a Gambia where individuals are judged by their actions and contributions rather than tribal affiliations or personal agendas.

Thank you for considering our input.


Lamin Samateh Norway

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