Why the Interior and Foreign ministers should resign or get sacked?

Why the Interior and Foreign ministers should resign or get sacked?

By: Basidia M Drammeh

There have been recent scandals within Gambia’s foreign service, resulting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalling several diplomats. Last year, three top Gambian diplomats were expelled by the United States for engaging in activities not compatible with their diplomatic status. More recently, a diplomat was recalled from the Gambian mission in Mauritania for financial misconduct. Today, a letter is circulating on social media, which allegedly contains a complaint by the Gambian Ambassador to Cuba against his deputy.

Many people expected such issues to arise due to appointments to the foreign service not being based on competence and merit. Rather, many individuals are recruited to the foreign service as political compensation for their loyalty to the ruling party. In the past, particularly during former President Dadwa Kairaba Jawar’s era, the Gambia had a cadre of career diplomats who advanced up the diplomatic ladder following strict criteria, unlike the current situation. That is because Diplomats are responsible for practicing the art of diplomacy and foreign policy. They are posted to other nations to advance their state’s objectives, establish and sustain cordial ties between the sending and receiving states, and promote communication between them.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Momodou Tangara, a longstanding diplomat, should be held accountable for failing to insist on strict criteria for appointing diplomats. If the status quo remains, we can expect to see more scandals within Gambia’s diplomatic circles.

In recent times, Gambia has seen a sharp rise in criminal activities. However, the Minister of Interior, Siaka Jatta, has remained silent about this crisis. He seldom communicates with the public about the measures being taken to combat crime. There are frequent incidents of murder and robbery, and the police authorities have suggested that the surge in crime is mainly caused by foreigners. Although foreigners cannot be entirely blamed, the Minister needs to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines an immigration policy to keep criminals away. He should increase police patrols and community policing and equip the security forces to combat crime effectively. Security officials often complain about the lack of mobility to pursue criminals. Moreover, there have been reports of an increase in drug abuse in the country, which also requires urgent attention.

Both ministers should either resign or be removed from their positions due to their failure to shoulder their responsibilities.

Source: LamToro News

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