Ukraine claims commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was killed in Sevastopol attack

Ukraine claims commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was killed in Sevastopol attack

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Ukraine has asserted it killed the administrator of Russia’s Dark Ocean Armada, in one of Kyiv’s boldest goes after yet on the involved promontory of Crimea.

The Ukrainian Unique Activities Powers said in an update that Tuesday assault killed Viktor Sokolov alongside 33 different officials.

“After the hit of the base camp of the Russian Dark Ocean Armada, 34 officials were killed, including the leader of the Russian Dark Ocean Armada,” the Ukrainians said Monday, adding that in excess of 100 other Russian servicemen were injured.

 can’t freely affirm Ukraine’s cases about Solokov or the quantity of losses. has contacted the Russian safeguard service for input.

A satellite picture shows smoke surging from a Russian Dark Ocean Naval force HQ after a rocket strike, as Russia’s attack of Ukraine proceeds, in Sevastopol, 

Ukraine expresses strike on Russia’s Dark Ocean Armada HQ left handfuls dead and injured ‘counting senior initiative’

Moscow has said that one serviceman is absent because of Ukraine’s assault on Sevastopol.

Ukraine has progressively been hitting vital Russian focuses in Crimea, the Dark Ocean district of southern Ukraine that has been involved by Moscow starting around 2014.

On Tuesday it completed maybe the most thinking for even a second to strike up to this point; Kyiv authorities said they effectively designated a Russian garrison close to Verkhniosadove, a couple of kilometers from Sevastopol.

The Organization for the Investigation of War (ISW) noticed that satellite symbolism affirmed that Ukrainian powers “struck the 744th Interchanges Focus of the Order of the Dark Ocean Armada… as a component of a clear Ukrainian work to target Dark Ocean Armada offices.”

Ukrainian Guard Insight representative Andrii Yusov said Russia was involving Crimea as a “planned operations center point” and that “a definitive objective, obviously, is the de-control of Ukrainian Crimea.”

Ukraine’s Unique Tasks Powers said an extraordinary operation named “Crab Trap” was planned to strike while senior individuals from Russia’s Naval force were meeting, and that the assault left many dead and injured “counting the senior initiative of the armada.”

Russia selected Sokolov its new commandant for its Crimea-based Dark Ocean armada in August 2022, as per reports from state news source TASS at that point.

Sokolov had been filling in as the Maritime Foundation boss beginning around 2020. He filled in as the Northern Armada representative leader from 2013 until 2020. The difference in order came in the midst of weighty misfortunes and a series of blasts at Russian military offices in Crimea.

Sevastopol is the biggest city in Crimea, which was illicitly added by Russia in 2014. Ukraine has not surrendered any expectation of recovering it.

Before Tuesday assault, Ukrainians had completed another series of strikes on Crimea. They hit a Russian military runway at Saky, debased Russian air safeguards on the north-west coast, and did a rocket assault on the principal dry-moor and boat fix office in Sevastopol, devastating an assault submarine and an arrival transport.

The assault on Saky caused vague however “serious harm” at the landing strip, as per sources in Ukraine’s Security Administrations (SBU).

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