Sudan: 27 detailed killed in shelling of market in poor area south of Khartoum

Sudan: 27 detailed killed in shelling of market in poor area south of Khartoum

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

According to locals, a shelling of a market in a poor neighborhood south of Khartoum has resulted in the deaths of 27 people and the injuries of 106 others.

Residents claimed that six tank shells were fired at the Mayo neighborhood from al-Shajara, one of the few areas in the Sudanese capital that the army controls.

Due to the fact that many of the injured were unable to reach hospitals for treatment, sources indicated that the death toll could significantly rise.

Mayo is populated generally by individuals who have not had the option to bear to leave Khartoum since battling broke out between the military and the paramilitary Quick Help Powers (RSF) on 15 April. In the capital, which is 90 percent ruled by the RSF, it is not known to be near any military targets.

The Sudanese Doctors Trade Union stated, “Medical staff are under pressure to deal with so many cases with limited staff.” We invite all nearby physicians and medical personnel to visit the hospital so that they can provide as much assistance as possible.

A local resident and volunteer at the nearby al-Bashair hospital, Abdelmotal Saboon, stated: In fact, it was the worst day I’ve ever witnessed, with scenes of men, women, and children in terrible condition that I will always remember. I have no idea why the heavy artillery was used, other than to kill innocent people.

Another Mayo resident, Mohamed Zain, stated: Since all of our relatives are here, they cannot flee because no one can afford to leave.

The incident occurred a day after Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Sudanese army and the de facto leader of the country, announced that he would be withdrawing from the ceasefire talks that were mediated by the US and Saudi Arabia. In his announcement, al-Burhan said that the RSF had not kept its promises.

Burhan declared that they would fight the enemy with deadly force in front of army soldiers at the military headquarters.

We are fighting this battle on behalf of the Sudanese people and witnessing their fate. We don’t want to use deadly force, but we will have to if the enemy doesn’t comply and respond. The media is false; the army is one, and it is present throughout Sudan. All Sudanese citizens are soldiers, and they are supporting you in this battle. Do not listen to them.

Mediators from the United States and Saudi Arabia have placed blame on both sides for breaking a truce that was supposed to provide safe routes for delivering aid to a population that is becoming more and more in need.

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