Stakeholders dialogue with Brufut residents on OIC road construction project

Stakeholders dialogue with Brufut residents on OIC road construction project

By Sulayman Waan

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) – Gambia Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure, National Roads Authority, and the Ministry of Lands on Wednesday dialogue with Brufut residents with regards to the ongoing OIC roads construction project.

In its roads construction project along the Brufut (Gamtel – Ghana Town) highway, contractors said the road is tight and to have standard road, there is a need for demolition of nearby structures.
In this regards, stakeholders met potential victims of the demolition to discuss about the demolition and compensations procedures. The meeting aimed to discuss demolition of structures beside the road and victims’ financial compensation.

Essa Bocar Sey, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of OIC-Gambia Secretariat said the meeting aimed to enlighten Brufut residents about the OIC road project.

“We do not want to tell you impressive words alone. We have to tell you the truth. Therefore, we want you (residents of Brufut) to help us to ensure smooth construction of the road,” he told the gathering.

The OIC top official said the feeder roads cannot remain in poor condition and must be built to ease smooth transportation of goods and service in the community. However, he added that to standardize the roads, some structures have to be demolished.

Siaka Saidykhan, Lands and Evaluation Officer at the Ministry of Lands said the road that links Brufut (Gamtel – Ghana Town) is very tight, noting that many homes are too close to the road.
“Some homes have their fences almost on the road and parts of some structures are found by the road,” he said.

In this regards, he said for the contractor to build a good road there must be demolition but was quick to add that all victims will be compensated depending on the magnitude of their properties demolition.

Saidykhan noted that the Ministry of Lands will assess every person losses and deliver a report to concern authorities to ensure all get the correct compensation.

Concerning the impact of demolition on residents, he said his office will advise potential victims to put mechanism in place to shelter their families before the demolition.

Pa Amat Manneh, Senior Engineer at the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure said: “The country has a problem with regards to space and to construct standard roads and sewage systems there must be demolition,” he said.

The professional engineer said expansion of the roads will immensely help in decongesting the traffic and ease transportation of goods and services within the area.

Kebba Trawally, Project Manager for the National Road Authority said the OIC road projects are designed to have 30 metre width and added that it should have a space for sewage system, foot path and several poles for electrification.

The OIC road projects, he said would be built according to international standard to ensure smooth driving on the roads.
However, he said for the project to be implemented in Brufut as expected some households must be affected.

However, he said: “We urged you to understand. We never intend to demolish your structures but to have the work done we must demolish. But again we will also follow all what the law requires so that the project will be successful.

Malamin Kajorr Manneh, Alkalo of Brufut expressed delight for receiving the OIC- Gambia Secretariat in the community. He said the meeting is significant in enlightening potential victims on the OIC projects.

Meanwhile, potential victims urged Government to implement the compensation in due process.

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