PPP supports Ndofan community with borehole

PPP supports Ndofan community with borehole

By Cherno Omar Bobb

In a bid to ease the drudgery and challenges locals face in accessing potable drinking water, the People’s Progress Party (PPP) has supported the community of Ndofan in Lower Nuimi, North Bank Region, with a new borehole.

The gesture made through Abdou Aziz Marong, PPP chairman for the community was in fulfilment of a promise made by late veteran politician, Omar Jallow before his demise.

Laying the foundation stone, Kebba Jallow, leader of PPP expressed optimism that that the party will soon regain its past glorious days, saying it has young people who can lead it.

He described PPP as a blessed party, further advising regional party members to ensure they select well known and competent candidates to contest on the party’s ticket during Local Government Elections.

Aminata Marie Rose Badjan, executive member and speaker of PPP, thanked the community for standing by the party.

She equally called on women of the country to help bring back the party to its glory days, acknowledging that PPP built the foundation of Gambia’s development and democracy.

“If PPP regains power, every person residing in the country will be smiling forever.”

Amie Jallow, national treasurer for PPP and daughter of late O J, said his father did not regret knowing Ndofan and its people. She described O J as was the man of the people.

Omar Choi, national executive committee member of the party, said Ndofan has always played a key role in hosting PPP and its militants, when it comes to Gambian politics within the area, noting that they’ve never lagged behind in supporting the party.

Alieu Bah, a member of the party, equally called on all supporters of the party to contribute towards its sustainability.

Abdou Aziz Marong, disclosed that the late veteran politician, O. J. loved and intended every good thing for the community of Ndofan.

He therefore urged natives of the community to rally behind the party, adding that they dug four wells to ensure people and animals have enough water to drink.

Ebou Sarr, who deputised for the Alkalo of Ndofan, reminded that ‘If humans have enough water to drink but the animals they use for farming do not’, ‘then the animal will not be able to work to ensure the farmers have coos, groundnut and other foods to feed on and sell.’

Jagne Bahoum, a member of the Village Development Committee, described Mr Marong as a role model, who is always at the forefront of the community and party’s development.

The gesture, he added, would benefit the community and its animals and further thanked the late veteran politician O. J’s family and the party for their support to the community.

Jabang Bobb, also a village development committee member, expressed similar sentiments.


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