World Bank donates surveillance equipment worth $2 Million to MOH, partners

World Bank donates surveillance equipment worth $2 Million to MOH, partners

By Fatou Dahaba

World Bank, through the Sub-Saharan Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend Project (SWEDD+ Project) officially handed over essential materials to the ministry of health and partners on Friday 12th January 2024, at the international conference centre in Senegambia.

The donated items includes 14 Vehicles, 18 Motorcycles,  60 Tablets and Laptops  and 20 Bicycles.

This  multi-sectoral initiative aims to empower communities and transform lives of women and children across The Gambia.

The vehicles and motorcycles will enhance mobility for field teams, facilitating prompt response and outreaches. The tablets and laptops are vital tools for data collection, management and analysis, empowering project coordinators to make informed decisions. Meanwhile, the bicycles will serve as eco-friendly modes of transportation for community-level engagement.

This partnership signifies a commitment to improving health, education, and overall well-being of women and Children in the Gambia.

Dr. Samual Mills World Bank Health Task Leader said, the donation is geared towards enhancing girls education and to strengthen the institutional framework for gender equality.

“All these items are procured to help implementing partners to be able to reach girls education and young women across the country with SWEDD intervention.”

He disclosed that among all the five countries the World Bank board approved the project for, only met all the project effectiveness condition and the project implementation has began  and the government of the Gambia has contribute D4 million as contributions to the project.

“The ministry of health is the project coordination unit and managing the whole project.”

Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samateh Minister of Health urged the beneficiaries to know that the items are public property and should be value and ensure they received maintenance service when due.

“ We will be checking on the items every time and ensure nothing is lost or missing and ensure they’re functional and should be used for the purpose they’re donated.”

He added that the presentation is phenomenal, as the laptops, tablets, motorcycles, cycles and vehicles will enhance the delivery of services badly needed, which he said goes a long way to complement government’s efforts to delivery strive.

The items will be distributed as follows, ministry of health Ramaka unit 2 vehicles and 10 motorcycles. National Population Commission Secretariat 2 vehicles. Ministry Of basic and secondary education, 1 vehicle. Ministry Of youth and sport, 1 vehicle and 8 motorcycles. Ministry Of gender children and social welfare, 3 vehicles. National pharmaceutical 1 vehicle. Ministry Of justice 1 vehicle for marriage registration and legal platform. PCU  3 vehicles for coordination.

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