Nigerian shot dead by Togolese soldiers sought Tinubu’s help to get justice

Nigerian shot dead by Togolese soldiers sought Tinubu’s help to get justice

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Two businessmen who were seriously injured 23 years ago after being shot dead by the Togolese navy have sought the intervention of President Bola Tinubu to seek justice.

PUNCH Metro has learned that on September 8, 2000, Nigerian businessman Taju Shoaga, along with his friend and business partner, Segun Leopard, went to the Autonomous Port of Lomé, Togo, to purchase vehicles which they often bring back to Nigeria to sell.

This was not their first trip as they were well known at the port by the Europeans, Togolese and other nationalities who traded cars there.
According to Shoaga, on that fateful day, at around 8:00 a.m.

, their representative called them to expedite customs clearance for the car they had just purchased to prevent it from being vandalized by thieves.

Thugs specialize in stealing car parts.
They were engaged in this when the Mufti’s soldiers rushed forward and ordered them to lie down.

Just then, they suddenly heard gunshots passing through their feet.
“A commander, the head of the navy in the yard, ordered several officers to search and check the inside of the vehicle.

His agent returned with the paperwork for the purchased vehicle and found nothing else.

The commander was provoked; he started slapping the officer who shot us and demanded: “Tell me about their crime.

” “We were at Tokoin hospital for about four hours without anyone taking care of us.

“Then they asked if we could pay for our services.

I had 140,000 CFA on me, they helped me take them out of my bag, they were all soaked in my blood.
They have to launder the money.

“The next day, the matter was reported to the Nigerian embassy in Togo,” Shoaga told The Gavel, an online media outlet.

He noted that Togo’s president at the time paid for the two men’s treatment.

However, he noted that the 250 million FCFA approved by the Togolese government at the time for their treatment had not yet reached them.

Speaking to PUNCH Metro on Thursday, Shoaga pleaded with President Tinubu to “intervene in this matter because we have made every effort.

We tried everything but there was no way.

Last time we went to Abuja to meet their high commission (Togolese) representatives, thinking that everything would be finalized, but so far we have only been told that the matter is being investigated at us and They will call us.

Since then, we have had no further news.

“I just want President Tinubu and his smart team to help me intervene in this matter to direct or invite the high commissioner there (in Togo) or the Nigerian Ambassador to Togo, to intervene.

“My second person can’t even walk, because he still has a bullet and a piece of iron in his leg.

It has not been removed for 23 years.

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