Nigeria: Police Crackdown: Arrest of 2,329 Suspects for Various Crimes in Lagos

Nigeria: Police Crackdown: Arrest of 2,329 Suspects for Various Crimes in Lagos

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a concerted effort to combat crime and ensure the safety of residents, the Lagos State Police Command, under the leadership of Commissioner Adegoke Fakoade, has made significant strides in apprehending individuals involved in nefarious activities. Commissioner Fakoade, during a press briefing at the Police Officers Mess in Ikeja GRA, revealed that a total of 2,329 suspects had been arrested within a span of 100 days for crimes including robbery, cultism, and kidnapping across Lagos State.

The commissioner underscored the commitment of the police force to maintain law and order, emphasizing the importance of swift and decisive action in curbing criminal activities. He highlighted the successful prosecution of 2,253 suspects during the period under review, with efforts ongoing to bring several others to justice.

Detailing the operations conducted by the command, Commissioner Fakoade provided insights into the significant achievements made in the month of February 2024. During this period, 64 suspects were apprehended, and a cache of firearms and illicit items were seized. Among the recovered items were 20 firearms, including toy guns, live ammunition, cartridges, and expended cartridges. Additionally, stolen vehicles, point-of-sale machines, cutlasses, illicit drugs, and charms were confiscated from the suspects.

Of particular note was the dismantling of a five-man kidnap gang responsible for the abduction of a young man on February 20, 2024. The victim, after being subjected to a harrowing ordeal, managed to identify one of the perpetrators, leading to the arrest of the suspects. Furthermore, the swift action of the police resulted in the recovery of stolen vehicles and the return of valuables to the victim.

Another significant arrest was that of a suspected member of a robbery gang involved in the theft of a Lexus ES 350 car. The apprehension of this individual, along with the recovery of firearms, serves as a testament to the police force’s commitment to combating violent crime and ensuring the safety of citizens.

In a separate operation, the command thwarted an attempt to dismantle a stolen vehicle in Okokomaiko, leading to the arrest of several suspects involved in the crime. The recovery of the stolen vehicle and the apprehension of the perpetrators underscored the effectiveness of proactive policing strategies employed by the command.

Commissioner Fakoade reiterated the command’s dedication to enhancing its performance through regular strategy reviews, personnel reorganization, and motivation initiatives aimed at boosting morale and productivity among officers.

As the Lagos State Police Command continues its relentless efforts to rid the state of criminal elements, the arrests made and items recovered serve as a testament to the commitment of law enforcement agencies to uphold peace and security in the region.

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