Nigeria: Nigerians Innovate New Ways to Celebrate without Violating Naira Abuse Laws

Nigeria: Nigerians Innovate New Ways to Celebrate without Violating Naira Abuse Laws

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Recently, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s crackdown on Naira abusers has prompted Nigerians to find creative ways to maintain the tradition of spraying money at social functions while avoiding legal consequences.

The seriousness of the crime came to light when controversial cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, was sentenced to six months imprisonment without the option of a fine for his abuse of the Naira. Actress Oluwadarasimi Omoseyin also faced legal repercussions, receiving a six-month prison sentence for defacing Naira notes by spraying and stepping on them at a social event in Lagos.

Following these high-profile cases,   compiled a list of actions involving the Naira that could lead to legal consequences. These actions include spraying, writing, tearing, stapling, dancing or stamping on the Naira, selling or mutilating it, rejecting it, and creating money bouquets.

The Central Bank of Nigeria has implemented the Clean Notes Policy to ensure the visual appeal and durability of banknotes in circulation. The policy aims to maintain a high standard of quality for the Naira, making it easily processed and accepted by the public.

In response to the ban on Naira abuse, partygoers and musicians have come up with innovative ways to continue the tradition of spraying money at social functions. Some musicians have even expressed support for the enforcement of the ban, emphasizing the importance of respecting the country’s currency.

1. Money Boxes: Musicians often provide money boxes at social functions. These boxes serve as a permanent feature, allowing attendees to drop their cash instead of physically spraying it. This gesture honors the celebrants or appreciates the musicians’ performances.

2. Bank Transfers: Guests at weddings, burials, birthdays, and other events now transfer money through their banking apps to the celebrants while on the dance floor. This replaces the act of physically spraying money and ensures that the intended amount reaches the celebrants.

3. Money Vouchers: Partygoers can purchase money vouchers equivalent to the amount they wish to “spray” the celebrants. Instead of physically handling the cash, they transfer the cash equivalent to the agent’s account, typically event planners. The money vouchers feature the images of the celebrant or event host and are available in denominations of N1000 and N500 notes.

These innovative approaches have allowed Nigerians to continue celebrating and expressing their joy at social functions while respecting the laws regarding Naira abuse.

The recent crackdown by the EFCC has raised awareness among Nigerians about the consequences of Naira abuse. The hope is that these creative alternatives will help preserve the cultural tradition of spraying money while ensuring compliance with the law.

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