Nigeria: Kukah Advocates Government Action against Banditry, Gumi Emphasizes Cooperation

Nigeria: Kukah Advocates Government Action against Banditry, Gumi Emphasizes Cooperation

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The Bishop of the Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Reverend Father Matthew Kukah, has urged the federal government to take decisive action against individuals purportedly connected to banditry, echoing concerns raised by the recent interrogation of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi by security agencies.

In a thought-provoking interview with Channels Television, Kukah expressed deep apprehension over the surge in kidnappings targeting schools nationwide, emphasizing the potential psychological ramifications on the abducted children. He questioned the government’s apparent inaction towards investigating those claiming affiliations with bandits, stressing the imperative for transparency and accountability.

Kukah’s statements resonate against the backdrop of the release of 137 schoolchildren abducted in Kuriga, Kaduna State, underscoring the urgency of addressing the underlying issues fueling such atrocities.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, following his interaction with security agencies, sought to allay concerns, affirming that the discourse focused on collaborative strategies to combat banditry. In a statement titled “Only One Person is Above The Law: The Innocent!”, Gumi emphasized the necessity for unity and collective efforts in attaining lasting peace, underscoring the importance of dialogue and cooperation.

The events surrounding Kukah’s advocacy and Gumi’s engagement with security agencies underscore the multifaceted challenges confronting Nigeria’s security landscape. While Kukah urges governmental action and accountability, Gumi stresses the significance of collaborative approaches involving all stakeholders in addressing the menace of banditry.

As the nation grapples with these complex security threats, the voices of leaders like Kukah and Gumi serve as catalysts for dialogue, accountability, and concerted action towards restoring peace and stability in affected regions.

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