Nigeria: Immigration Lawyer Advises Against Selling Everything to Move Abroad

Nigeria: Immigration Lawyer Advises Against Selling Everything to Move Abroad

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

In a recent interview with immigration lawyer Femi Aina based in the United Kingdom, valuable insights were shared regarding the challenges faced by Nigerians seeking greener pastures abroad. Aina emphasized the importance of not selling everything when planning to relocate, cautioning that the reality of migration may differ from the idealized picture.

Aina highlighted that some Nigerians, having moved abroad for a better life, find themselves in difficult situations. Drawing attention to the significant number of Nigerians in UK prisons, he urged prospective migrants to carefully consider the potential pitfalls of relocation.

The immigration lawyer stressed the need for thoughtful reflection before deciding to “japa” (a term used to describe leaving one’s home country for better opportunities). He advised individuals to ask themselves whether they would truly be better off in the new country.

Moreover, Aina shed light on the challenges immigrants often face upon arrival, emphasizing that settling down might take months or even years. He shared stories of families who uprooted their lives, only to face unforeseen issues leading to canceled visas and a forced return to Nigeria.

Aina acknowledged that migration can be a means to an end but cautioned against viewing it as an ultimate solution. He highlighted the financial tensions that can arise in new countries, leading to domestic issues. Aina urged people to recognize that challenges exist even in seemingly prosperous nations.

The lawyer concluded by reminding individuals that migration is not without its problems, and one should be prepared for the teething issues that may arise. He encouraged a thorough evaluation of the decision to relocate, considering the potential difficulties that could be encountered.

This advice comes at a time when many Nigerians aspire to seek opportunities abroad, prompting a reconsideration of the often-romanticized notion of a better life awaiting them. Aina’s words serve as a cautionary reminder that while migration can offer opportunities, it also poses significant challenges that require careful consideration.

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